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Well here we are, a blog devoted entirely to eating and cooking healthy, clean Paleo and Paleo-friendly food. I am starting this blog first of all to provide sound nutritional information to guide you, the reader, to make good and healthy decisions about your nutrition. I want you to see that nutrition is not just about losing weight, its your life and health. It literally determines every metabolic risk factor and sets the stage for the presence or absence of disease for humans. Ignoring proper nutrition now can lead to expensive and heart-breaking consequences later, for both you and your family.

I am also starting this blog as an outlet for my responses to the nutritional idiocy I see and read constantly in both mainstream media and from so-called health experts. As a student in dietetics, I learned all kinds of things that I later learned to be untruths, or at least half-truths, but because there was so much big money behind them, they’re proliferated like gospel. I have grown to learn how to read research and interpret its results to find what is really being said. I want to share that knowledge with readers so you, too, can make wise choices.

On a lighter note, I hope you enjoy reading about how you CAN balance a busy modern life with a paleo diet. Its really not that hard and not that time consuming and I find that I don’t spend any more money on better quality food than I did when I was eating junk. Because I’m not buying the junk now. I am a mother, a wife, a grad student/intern and a business owner. If anyone had excuses why they can’t or won’t make changes, I might have a case. But I don’t. Enough is enough. You either care or you don’t. So lets get started….


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