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Lettuce wraps and poisonous protein powder

Way to go to all of you who are diligently plugging away at your Paleo diets this week. I know its a little rough at the beginning, but after a week or two, you will have soooo much willpower to pass by the things you used to crave constantly. Feeling so good is not worth that cookie!

Here’s what I whipped up for dinner late tonight while trying to figure out something different to do with my steak:

Lettuce wrap Steak and Veggies

I sauteed my sirloin steak until it was browned, with some garlic and a little olive oil.

I also chopped and steamed for a just a couple minutes:

yellow squash and zucchini.

I put large romaine leaves on a plate, piled the veggies on the bottom, put the steak (after I sliced it) on top, then added some tomato and onion slices on top of that. Word of warning here: you need to add some kind of seasoning to this. It doesn’t taste bad by any means, but its also not extremely interesting either. I added a little paleo bbq sauce to one of the wraps and that was really tasty. I would also suggest making a dressing mix with some olive oil and lemon juice with added cilantro and maybe crushed red pepper.

(and yes those are some of my sweet potato fries that I have plenty of in my freezer now)

And here’s a great pic Kevin sent me of his lunch:

So for those of you who don’t read both of our blogs, or who haven’t gotten around to getting a username to send to me so you can have access to the WOD blog, here is an article I posted there also and some accompanying information:

This just in:

Wow. I guess I feel really bad about advising anyone to drink a protein shake post-workout after reading this:

Apparently you’re getting a lot of heavy metals in your protein powder and those accumulate in your body, causing all kinds of problems. One of the biggest problems we see nutritionally with accumulation of heavy metals in the body is binding of other important minerals your body needs like calcium, phosphorus and electrolytes. These metal ions can also end up in the brain and central and peripheral nervous system where they build up and cause mental retardation (especially in kids) and potentially loss of nervous function in some cases.

I did a little more research into the heavy metals in protein powder and found these powders that seem to be on the up-and-up, although costly to be sure in some cases:

Primal Fuel (From the Publisher’s of Mark’s Daily Apple blog and Primal Blueprint)

This stuff is $99 for a bottle with 30 servings, or if you sign up for autoship, its $79. That’s not such a bad deal, however way more than Muscle Milk’s months and months worth of supply for $65 in a 5lb container.

EnergyFirst Protein powder

This stuff is more cost effective, although, again not as cheap as your commercial stuff at the grocery store. I bought one of each of these flavors to try out and I’ll let you all know what I think.

Nutiva Organic protein powders

I’ve run across this brand a few times and it always looks so interesting. They’ve got a lot of products that I’d love to try, but I’m not totally sold on the 10-11g protein per serving, versus 20-30 in most other powders.

What I want you to take away from this is: you get what you pay for. I guess we all have to weight the consequences of our actions. Do we need protein post-WOD? Absolutely. Do we want to consume a few too many ppm of heavy metals in order to get that protein? Maybe. It just depends on your budget and what you’re willing to gamble on. Suffice it to say that I will definitely stop giving protein shakes to my son in the morning until I get a different brand of powder for now.

If any of you try any different brands and like them, let us know so we can file that away for future reference.


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  1. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: protein shake
    chocolate almond butter packet
    berry salad for lunch with vinaigrette
    chocolate almond butter packet for snack
    KIND bar (almond coconut) for snack again
    protein shake made with almond milk
    steak wraps with veggies and sweet potato fries for dinner
    paleo candy bar for bedtime snack

  2. Protein shake for breakfast.
    Apple for a snack
    Tuna with pickles, a hard boiled egg, and an apple for lunch.
    Tuna with pickles, broccoli for dinner.
    Protein shake for a bedtime snack.

    This was horribly boring but it was my first day at the station trying to eat Paleo. It will get better.

  3. Breakfast: bacon, mushroom, onion omelet. Hot tea…no coffee!
    Lunch: leftover burger from last night/no bun, small spinach salad.
    Snack: almonds
    Dinner: paleo meatballs with paleo bbq sauce…yum!
    **proudest moment today: resisting the chocolate cake that a co-worker brought in to share

    • Breakfast-protien shake w/strawberrys and banana’s
      Almonds for snack
      Lunch -lean burger, not bun or ketchup (freaking boring, need to figure out how to spice this up without cheating)
      Shrimp coctail (had a tiny bit of cocatail sauce and horse radish for flavor)
      hazelnut chocolate butter (1 oz)
      Dinner: Paleo meatballs baby…freaking rocked!!!
      Getting ready to enjoy another chocolate hazelnut butter!!!

      • combatcrossfit

        burger patties are hard to keep interesting, I know. Try different spice blends on them, or maybe add some sauteed onions, tomatoes, or some feta cheese (as long as its non-hormone dairy in origin).
        You can also crumble it up and put some of the Paleo BBQ sauce on it and make a kind of sloppy joe without bread

  4. combatcrossfit

    Awesome guys!! you are doing so great so far! I am proud!
    Breakfast: protein shake
    Snack: maple almond butter packet
    Snack: choc almond butter packet
    lunch: pulled pork (1 oz), burrito bowl (not from chipotle, this was makeshift at the high school): chicken, grilled peppers, salsa, ground beef, and a small drop of cheese
    Snack: honey almond butter
    Snack: trail mix
    Dinner: Shrimp, green beans, sweet potato fries

  5. combatcrossfit

    breakfast: protein shake with strawberries and banana
    snack: honey almond butter packet and coffee
    lunch: berry salad and pecans (about a cupful)
    snack: KIND bar (macadamia nut and apricot)
    snack: chocolate almond butter packet
    dinner: chipotle bowl: barbacoa steak, peppers and onions, little bit of cheese, guac, pico de gallo and water
    snack: trail mix
    snack: paleo candy bar
    (I know, I snack a lot)

  6. combatcrossfit

    breakfast: protein shake with berries and bananas
    snack: pecans
    lunch: almond butter on apple slices with a glass of almond milk
    dinner: roasted chicken leg quarter with mashed sweet potatoes
    snack: paleo candy bar and trail mix

  7. Saturday:
    Protein shake
    Went out to lunch with friends and had a salad with no dressing. I told them to hold the cheese but they forgot so I was stuck with it.
    Pork loin
    1 Asparagus
    Sweet potato fries
    Fruit salad
    Also had a Diet Dr. Pepper with dinner. We were at a friends house for dinner and I couldn’t stand having water for dinner AGAIN!!!! Sorry I’m a cheater what can I say.


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