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Weekend update

Here are some great pics of food that some of you have made and sent me, plus a recipe that Matt K. found and made:

Heather and Kevin's Lunch

Paleo cookies

here is the recipe Matt found on “StevePaleo” blog:

“**Paleo Cookies**
4 cups ground almonds (in the food processor if you can)
2 cups ground walnuts (Food Processor or DIY at Health Food Store – i did use a Braun coffee grinder once – messy)
2 cups heated raw organic honey (mixes easier that way)
1 cup chopped dry fruit (cranberries/raisins)
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix the dry stuff first, then add the honey. I like to refrigerate it at this point for about an hour so that it’s easier to roll balls but it’s not critical. Space them out quite a bit on a greased cookie sheet – these cookies do kinda go flat. Parchment paper really helps – use it if you got it because these suckers are stickyeeee! Bake at 15-20 minutes at 350. Really start checking after 15 minutes – cook them too much and you’ve got dog treats (trust me on this one). On the other hand, cook them just right and they do some frikin vanishing act – even with just me in the house!”


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  1. Breakfast:
    Omelet w/green peppers and bacon. Juiced 3 apples, 2 oranges, and 3 kiwis.
    Chicken salad
    Had a late lunch so I had an apple with almond butter and a protein shake.

  2. I was a slacker with my posts this weekend but I will better this week…
    Breakfast- protien shake
    Lunch- chicken breast with honey and avocado
    Dinner- hamburger with cheese slice but no bun and sweet potato chips
    Snack- we cheated and had yogurt( ice cream) and it wasn’t that great. I can’t believe I just that!!!

  3. Monday, October 25th:
    Breakfast – protien shake
    Snack – apple
    Lunch – lean beef and veggie soup (Heather says it’s paleo)
    Snack – Almonds
    Dinner – lean gound beef patty with sweet potato

    Unlike Heather, I have been starving all day everyday. Not sure what that’s all about but I am hungry an hour after I eat.

    • combatcrossfit

      I would say that because of your high lean body mass percentage, you’re probably not getting enough fat for energy. You had previously been used to carb-loading and switching to a ketogenic diet will often leave you feeling hungry during the day if you’re not getting enough fat. I keep packets or jars of the almond butter with me and just eat that all day or a big bag of pecans will work too. Try that and see if that works better for you. When you look at your intake throughout the day, you should really have 6 meals: 3 larger ones and 3 smaller ‘snacks’ that are about 2-300 calories each, primarily from fat and protein. For example in your first snack on Monday, I would add a couple Tbsp of almond butter to the apple and then on your second snack add some grapes, an orange, almond milk, etc. Then have another one after dinner like a paleo candy bar or some trail mix.
      Give that a try and see if you are less hungry with a little more fat added in. i also think that will help with your endurance so you’ll have some energy when you’re running but you won’t need to eat a bunch of carbs.

  4. combatcrossfit

    protein shake for breakfast
    snack: maple almond butter
    lunch: chipotle bowl with barbacoa, pico, hot salsa, guac and cheese, fajita veggies
    wayne made me drink a caffeine free diet coke
    snack: chocolate almond butter packet
    post -WOD: almond milk with protein powder
    dinner: venison roast with veggies (this turned out really well and I will post the recipe and pics later if you want to give it a try), mashed sweet potatoes, homemade applesauce
    **no bedtime snack, I was absolutely stuffed after eating half of what was on my plate at dinner

  5. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: protein shake
    snack: maple almond butter
    lunch: roasted turkey (it was nasty) and spinach/berry salad with leftover mashed sweet potatoes
    snack: honey almond butter
    post wod: chocolate almond butter adn then half a monster milk protein shake becuase I forgot to bring mine to the gym
    dinner: chipotle burrito bowl with veggies, barbacoa, cheese, green chile salsa, pico, and guac

  6. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: almond milk + 2 soy joy bars
    Lunch: berry and walnut salad on baby spinach
    snack: maple almond butter
    post -wod: last half of protein drink that I couldn’t finish after yesterday
    dinner: ground venison, paleo BBQ sauce (this stuff is the ultimate condiment!), turnips simmered in butter sauce, 2 slices of whole mozzarella (from grass fed non rGBH sources)
    snack: trail mix
    I was so starving today by the time i got to the gym for the 6pm class because I didn’t have all my snacks during the day that I’m used to!

  7. Monday:
    protein shake, trail mix, italian beef soup, trail mix, sweet potato chips, almond butter.

    protein shake, trail mix, chipotle chicken burrito bowl for lunch and then the leftovers for a snack, roasted chicken and sweet potato.

    protein shake, trail mix, fajita insides/no wrap for lunch and then leftovers for snack, steak and sweet potato.

  8. Wednesday:
    Breakfast – protien shake
    Snack – banana with almond butter (this helped me with my hunger a lot more than jus having a piece of fruit)
    Lunch – chicken and steak fajita bowl
    Dinner – steak with a sweet potatoe
    Snack – almond butter with a half of banana

  9. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: 2 soyjoy bars
    snack: maple almond butter packet
    lunch: trail mix
    snack: trail mix
    dinner: chipotle bowl with veggies, barbacoa, sour cream, cheese, guac, green chili salsa and pico


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