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Venison, the right and the wrong way

For those of you that like the lean and grass-fed meat variety, venison is one of the meats you should definitely try. The trick is, its super lean. I mean waaaaaay leaner than bison, chicken or 95% lean beef. There’s pretty much no fat, is what I’m trying to say. So you have to add fat back into the cooking process if you want it to be juicy and soft. The meat is generally not tough if you cook it on lower temps at longer times.

Here are some suggestions I’ve come up with through trial and error:

When cooking a roast, place some strips of beef fat trimmings or some chunks of suet in with the meat and/or veggies in the Crockpot or roasting pan. This will keep things moist and prevent them from getting too dry.

When cooking venison steak cuts, cook them in clarified butter (also known as ghee) or some olive oil, if you don’t have butter. Olive oil is not optimal for this kind of meat because it does still have some long chain fatty acids (we haven’t gotten to this in our Fat series discussion, but when we do, you’ll see why its maybe something you should use in cooking sparingly).

Jerky: don’t add fat here, it needs to be dry and lean

Ground venison: if you’re using this to make some kind of sloppy joe or meatball, you’ll definitely want to add fat for texture and flavor. I took some beef fat trimmings and sauteed the fat out of them and poured that into the mixing bowl while it was still liquid, then proceeded to form the meatballs as normal.

Want a venison roast recipe that worked out pretty good for me?

Venison roast (you will want a 2-3 lb roast for a family of 3-4 people)

Beef fat trimmings, 1/4 lb or so

Various vegetables, here’s what I used: turnips (peeled), green onions (diced), celery (sliced), tomato (chopped)

Spices such as: basil or cilantro (not both), sea salt, ground pepper, garlic and chili powder

1 to 1 1/2 C of Vegetable or beef broth, no sodium added ( I usually take half of the beef broth and substitute with water but you don’t have to if you’re using a no sodium added broth)

1. Place the roast in the bottom of your crockpot and layer with the fat strips.

2. Add spices to the top of the fat and/or roast.

3. Cover with veggies and broth.

Cook on high 4-5 hours or low 6-8 hours. Venison is done when it is 145 in the center of the cut (usually this only takes about 4 hours on high). With the added fat strips, the meat should come out tender and not too dry. Because of its high protein content, it may feel a little grainier in your mouth, but I don’t think its a bad sensation, its just not going to feel like you’re chewing a mouthful of fat like when you eat a beef steak or roast.

Here’s a pic of dinner that Emilee sent in:

“pork tenderloin and the side is zucchini, squash, onions, garlic and sun dried tomatoes sauteed in olive oil” Thanks for sending that EM!

On a douche-baggery note, someone alerted me to the fact that a certain poser posed off our Paleo challenge, along with pretty much everything else, other than good programming and talented trainers. Really? How big of an unoriginal and dishonest person do you have to be to do that, at the same time and say its the product of your innovation? Good thing the lucky members at Northland Strength and Conditioning have someone that actually knows what they’re doing…

A few of you are finishing up your official 30 days, although I know I’ve talked to many of you that started early and you plan to continue on with the Paleo challenge because of the amazing results you’re getting. I applaud that decision and I hope everyone else decides to follow suit. I realize its not easy to stick to a plan that is perceived as limited, although most of you have realized that its really not that limited, you just have to think of food as fuel and not comfort, as Heather so eloquently put it. I am so proud of all of you that I have seen looking leaner and healthier, lifting heavier and pushing harder. For all of those of you who are just beginning, please talk and share with those that are just finishing their 30 days and stay motivated through their stories, since apparently my constant Paleo references don’t seem to work for you 😉

Tomorrow starts a new week, lets make it an amazing one, mostly because Wayne has that brand new exorbitantly expensive camera that is going to show you in all your glory: sweat, smudged mascara, dimples, scars, bleeding, crying and straining at the peak of muscular exertion. This will be a phenomenal week indeed….


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  1. Friday- breakfast: omelet with homemade juice
    Lunch: paleo chili (very yummy)
    Dinner: chili with platains
    Breakfast: eggs and homemade juice
    Lunch: protein shake
    Dinner: steak
    Going to Bravo later and will probably have the yummy cider and rum Sarah was telling me about:).
    So I’m confused, did someone try to do our paleo challenge? Oh and I can’t wait for my pores to be photographed! Lol!

    • no Andrea, douchebag crossfit just seems to copy us on everything we do, but I guess like they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I just wish people that tried to copy us would do it right 😉

  2. Saturday
    Breakfast: soyjoy bar, maple almond butter and raw goat milk
    snack: goat milk
    lunch: Wayne cooked some venison steaks, really good!!
    snack: trail mix and goat milk
    dinner: lime sauteed mahi mahi with Rosemary roasted root vegetables and homemade applesauce (its all gone, it seemed like I made a lot but we ate that stuff up!)
    snack: 2 paleo candy bars for movie night (those are totally my crack!)

  3. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: protein shake
    post WOD: goat milk with protein powder
    lunch: bbq beef brisket and sweet potato fries
    snack: trail mix and choc hazelnut butter
    dinner: steak and sweet potato fries
    snack: apple cider

  4. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: protein shake with goat milk
    Snack: trail mix
    lunch: berry salad with walnuts
    snack: fruit salsa (I had to go to a demonstration for a food processor and this was the only paleo thing I could eat)
    dinner: venison roast with veggies, sweet potato fries and applesauce
    snack: paleo candy bar

  5. combatcrossfit

    protein smoothie
    Snack: trail mix
    Lunch: leftover venison roast and vegetables
    Snack: chocolate hazelnut butter
    Post-strength skills: 12 oz goat milk
    Dinner: omelette with bacon, peppers and onions
    Snack: 8 oz goat milk

  6. Tuesday:
    Breakfast – mixed nuts
    Lunch – steak tips
    Snack – apple
    Dinner – paleo steak stir fry. you all NEED to get this recipe from Heather. Freaking amazing!
    Snack – chocolate hazelnut butter

  7. combatcrossfit

    Breakfast: protein and berry shake
    snack: trail mix
    lunch: half a berry salad and some tuna sald
    snack: maple almond butter
    dinner: ate at Road House because we left the gym so late, so I had pulled pork and a baked sweet potato with a house salad

  8. Wednesday:
    Breakfast – 2 egg whites with some steak
    Snack – trail mix
    lunch – steak stir fry (paleo)
    Snack – trail mix
    Dinner – steak salad with tom, cukes, gorgonzolla and some type of paleo dressing that was pretty good
    Snack – good old Justin’s hazelnut baby!!!!

  9. combatcrossfit

    breakfast: berry and protein shake
    snack: trail mix
    lunch: burrito bowl thing at the high school (ground meat, fajita veggies, salsa, cheated with some sour cream, lettuce)
    snack: maple almond butter
    snack: andrea’s paleo cookies at the gym (awesome!!!)
    dinner: apple with almond butter and some raw goat milk to drink

  10. Thursday:
    Breakfast: protien shake
    Lunch: Salad with chicken
    Early dinner: shrimp avocado salad and turkey tenderloin
    Snack: chef Mike’s paleo cookies
    Late dinner: rest of turkey tenderloin and boiled sweet potato.
    Snack: cookie
    Damn I ate a lot today!!! But I have room to grow. :).

  11. I’m sorry I have fallen off the face of the earth the past couple of weeks. I have continued the Paleo journey, just not posted my meals lately.

    THURSDAY: bacon, mushroom, onion, spinach omelet, trail mix, steak stir “fry”, trail mix,…ummm totally skipped dinner after the WOD. Came home to children needing help with homework and completely exhausted after a stupid busy week at work. I know that was foolish and I should have at least had a protein shake but I’m just doing the best I can right now.

    FRIDAY: banana, for lunch my work catered in Olive Garden and the only thing I could eat was the salad without the dressing. ((Some people questioned me about why I was only eating a dry salad and it opened up a good discussion about what I’m doing. My co-workers have noticed my body changing/scrubs falling off of me and they are asking lots of questions now)), more trail mix since I didn’t have any protein at lunch, lean, bun-less burger w/ sauted mushrooms and onions and asparagus. Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter for dessert.

  12. Saturday:
    Breakfast – banana before WOD
    Lunch – post workout protien shake
    Snack – trail mix
    Dinner – lean gound beef burger with grilled mushrooms and onions, no bun and a piece of cheese.
    Snack – chocolate hazelnut butter

  13. Sunday:
    no breakfast, crazy morning.
    lunch – gound beef burger with grilled mushrooms
    Snack – trail mix
    Snack – trail mix
    Dinner – chicken burrito bowl by Heather. This tasted better than Chipotle.
    Snack – chocolate hazelnut butter


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