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Italian the paleo way…

This morning, Kelly and I went down to the city market to see what kinds of veggies and fruits we could get, plus I needed to try to get a chicken (apparently chickens have ‘seasons’ and they are not available to buy until late May). So, after settling for some bacon and chorizo from the farm, loads of fresh veggies and some fruit, we headed over to Carollo’s Italian Grocery so I could get some fresh mozzarella.

If you haven’t had fresh mozzarella, you are missing out. It’s nothing like that dry bland stuff you buy in bags at the grocery store. Its soft, creamy and moist, stored in its own juices and lends the most amazing subtle flavor to any dish. While there, I decided to pick up some soppressata. Mark’s Daily Apple recently had a post about gourmet ‘deli’ and cured meats, if you want to check it out. For those of you not up on your specialty cured meats, you should try this stuff. I can’t vouch for it anywhere else, as I only buy it at Carollo’s and there are several different varieties and methods to make it. Its a cured pressed salami variety, not 100% paleo in itself, but if you’re going to eat ‘deli’ meats, this stuff is probably about as close to true, whole meat as you can get in that category. It does have some salt added in the manufacturing process, but its otherwise not loaded with junk. The richness and spice will send your tastebuds on a roller coaster of awesomeness and you’ll be addicted from the first bite, but then you’ll be ruined and never able to buy deli meat anywhere else.

I had not thawed any meat for dinner tonight and almost gave into ordering some kind of pizza, but resisted the urge and whipped up a super fast, simple and delicious dinner instead. Here’s what I did for dinner tonight with my soppressata and mozzarella:

4-5 slices soppressata, cut up

4-5 slices of fresh mozzarella (1/4″ thick), diced

3 roma tomatoes, diced

2 green onion shoots, sliced

2 tbsp italian parsley, diced (basil would probably actually be even more awesome, but I had run out and my plants haven’t started sprouting yet)

olive oil and white wine vinegar mix, 1 tbsp

Mix it all together and drizzle the oil/vinegar mixture over the top. Eat it. There you go. All these fresh ingredients just cannot be beat by your typical large grocery chain fare.


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