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Starting another Paleo Challenge!

Okay, here we go again, Combat CrossFitters. You guys asked for it, so we’ll bring it back. The 30 day Paleo challenge. I know a lot of you never left Paleo, but some of you never started either ;). This time around the rules will be simple and fool-proof. There will be no buy-ins or money pot. Before/after pics are optional, but before/after body fat measurement is REQUIRED. This must be taken BEFORE you begin the Paleo challenge and before you do a WOD, or even warmup. The measurement is highly sensitive to hydration status, so it needs to be done before you start messing with your circulation and drinking lots of water. Ask me to do this for you sometime this week before your class.

I am going to go ahead and start mine as of yesterday, because well, that works nicely. That’s when Wayne started his, so I’ll go with that, since we’re keeping each other in check. Any questions, please ask. This challenge is open to members and non-members, for those of you that have spouses or friends that want to do it too. Also, those in ON-RAMP can also participate. Its highly recommended you attend the next Newbie Nutrition class to get directions and get acquainted with how it all works. You do not have to start on a particular date, but I think most people have decided on Monday, April 18th.

Good luck!


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  1. combatcrossfit

    breakfast- shake, 1 soyjoy almond/coconut bar
    snack- maple almond butter
    lunch- 3 egg omelet with gr. onions, bacon and salsa
    snack- trail mix (walnut, cranberries and dk choc chunk)
    dinner- chipotle bowl
    snack- raw milk

    breakfast- shake
    snack- trail mix
    lunch- gr buffalo, salsa, cheese and gr onion
    snack- trail mix
    post-workout- protein and raw milk
    dinner- swai, lime olive oil, fresh basil w/ butter broiled sweet potates; pinch of sea salt and pepper; raw milk

  2. I had started a 2-week trial on Sunday, but will reset the day counter effective tomorrow for 30 days! This should be interesting, given there is a holiday in the middle of the challenge.

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  4. Thursday:

    – breakfast: shake (whey, coconut milk, strawberry, banana, almond butter)
    – snack: trail mix
    – lunch: ground beef, mashed sweet potato with butter, roasted carrots
    – snack: trail mix and apple
    – dinner: pan-seared chicken break (in coconut oil), bacon, steamed broccoli


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