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A New Twist on Bacon and Eggs

I love eggs and I love bacon. I could really eat them all day, every day. But sometimes they do get a little boring the same old way every time. And sometimes I miss eating sandwiches or wraps. Not because I just miss the bread, but because its something you can pick up in your hands and eat like a sandwich. Here’s a solution to both problems:

The scrambled-egg-wrap-BLT

You will need:

at least 3-4 eggs

2 slices of bacon

1-2 slices of tomato

A handful of spinach leaves

oil or butter to coat your frying pan

1. Combine your eggs in a cup or measuring cup and whisk them until they are uniform. Pour into the frying pan, on medium heat.

2. In another frying pan, start cooking your bacon strips.

3. Heat until they are a solid, round omelet and cooked thoroughly on one side, 2-4 minutes (you will need to tip the pan a few times to get all the extra runny uncooked eggs out to the side to cook, too)

4. Flip the eggs over and cook on the top side for a minute, too.

5. Remove the omelet from the pan and put on a plate.

6. Top with spinach leaves, tomato slices and cooked bacon slices. Fold the egg up into a wrap or taco shape!


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