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Warm Fall or Winter Chili

This recipe can really go however you want it to. It was originally just a way to use up some thin steak cuts we got from the side of beef we bought earlier this year. Flat iron steaks are small and thin, and therefore, tricky to cook and hard to keep tender. I figured putting them in some type of soup or chili would be the best way, and it turned out pretty good.

Now, I have to put a disclaimer in here that I always put beans in chili. It falls into the category of my cheat foods that happen maybe 10% of the time. My personal feelings are that you are just not making chili if it doesn’t have beans, but feel free to leave them out if you are strict Paleo.

The base of soup is pretty simple, but again, it can be varied any number of ways.

IN a large stock pot, heat on medium:

1 Cup Beef or vegetable stock (I prefer no sodium added stock)

8-12 oz vegetable juice or V8 (get the pure vegetable juice, not the sugar-added stuff)

1-3 cans beans (kidney beans and black beans are my preference)

1 chopped white or yellow onion

Chili seasoning (either use a seasoning blend such as Williams, or combine chili powder, garlic salt, onion powder and pepper to suit your taste).

**substitute for beans: fall squash like zucchini, yellow or acorn; sweet potato; chopped tomato; etc

While the base is cooking, sear 1-1.5 lbs flat iron steak in a skillet, 1-2 minutes on each side (brown and crispy on the outside) and then cut into bite-size pieces and add to the base. In the same skillet, cook 3/4 – 1 lb bacon and chop up and add to the base. Cook 1-2 hours on low-med, or until onions are soft.


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